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   Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 22:14:53 PST
   From: Jacqueline Hamilton <>

   Is there any real purpose for $site_db?  It's like, using up over 400K in 
   my MOO, and I want to recycle it.  Or at least, dump it out, since memory 
   is at such a premium right now.  Wondering what all really uses it.

$site_db is used to track all logins by all users---"@@who from" uses
the information herein.  This can be useful in helping to identify
crackers and other troublemakers.  The one on LambdaMOO is kind of
huge but I'm loathe to destroy the information.  $site_db is superior
to player.all_connect_places in that it never forgets, so even when
someone manages to destroy their .all_connect_places, the information
is not lost forever (though it is no longer neatly indexed by user
object number.)  If you're neither paranoid nor fascist, $site_db can
be cleared ($site_db:clearall()) and $login:record_connection can be
changed to stop recording.

On LambdaMOO in the registration office there are a couple of verbs
useful for extracting information from the $registration_db, another
potentially large db.  (Notably @registered---@email also uses some of
this info).  This info can be helpful in tracking users who leave and
come back under a different object number.

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