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Re: New LambdaCore database released -Reply -Reply

To Graeme: I couldn't seem to get a response to you, but thank you
for your suggestions, I will give them a look see at home later this
week. :-)

To Chris: Hopefully Graeme's suggestions are the elaboration of your
suggestion...fingers crossed (and thanks for responding) :0)

0bsidian wanderer

>>> Chris Schlesiger <>  1/2/96, 12:48pm

On Tue, 2 Jan 1996, 0bsidian wrote:

> Out of curiosity I d/l-ed the new core to use in building in DOSMOO
> (I know I can't have multiple connections, but while I am looking
> a way to either get to the UNIX machines at my site or for a port
> Windows or something I wanted to get started on some stuff so I
> didn't have to start from scratch).  Anyways I got this when I
> to load it:
>  > STARTING: Version 1.7.8p4 of LambdaMOO server blah blah
>From yduJ's announcement about the release of the new LambdaCore:

| Byte Quota Utils uses the new value_bytes builtin.  This core will
| not run under 1.7.8.

> LOADING: lambdaco.db
> LOADING: Reading 94 objects ...
> VALIDATING the object hierarchies ...
> VALIDATE: Phase 1: Check for invalid objects ...
> VALIDATE: Phase 2: Check for cycles ...
> VALIDATE: Phase 3: Check for inconsistencies ...
> VALIDATING the object hierarchies ... finished.
> LOADING: Reading 1626 MOO programs...
> *** PARSER: Line 3: Unknown built-in function: toliteral
> *** DB_READ: Unparsable program #20:48, 1 = 451
> *** Cannot parse database file!

The toliteral() builtin function is new to the server version 1.7.9,
so  any db with that call in it must be run under that server. The
Core is  such a db. Upgrade your server to 1.7.9, then load up the
new Core.


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