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Re: checkpoint timing & movement

Seth Rich writes:
> I'd love for a mechanism by which the server will forget all about periodic
> checkpoints, and leave it up to the wizards to checkpoint as often and at
> whatever intervals they wish.  Maybe make this optional, with the default
> behavior to respect current behavior.

.program #0:server_started
$dump_interval = $maxint - time() - 10; /* -10 to allow for slop */

> The move() builtin, as well as its related stuff (:accept, :enterfunc,
> :exitfunc, .location, .contents) gets in my way sometimes (especially with
> E_RECMOVE, which I still don't get).  Can we move movement and location out
> of the server entirely?  I'd like to control it in-DB.  (This would be
> consistent with uses of the LambdaMOO server for which "location" is
> meaningless.)

The server uses the built-in properties .location and .contents in the command
parser/matcher.  Why not simply set $server_options.protect_move = 1, move()
everything to #-1 (and leave things there when created), and then pretend that
.location, .contents, and move() simply don't exist?



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