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aix restart (can't parse db)


I'm having problems starting lm1.7.9p2 using the dec25.db on my new 
computer.  I've had no problems installing lm and getting things running 
on some sparcs and a linux pc, but now that I have a dedicated machine on 
which I can finally get things underway, I'm thwarted.

here are the lines that offend my simple sensibilities:
LOADING: Reading 1626 MOO programs...
*** PARSER: Line 1: missing quote
*** PARSER: Line 1: syntax error
*** DB_READ: Unparsable program #91:1, i = 1623.
*** Cannot parse database file!

I'm a nice guy with a spouse who loves me (sometimes) and two cats whom I 
feed and pet regularly (i.e. am perhaps worthy of your time and 
consideration regarding this problem).

Any and all suggestions (relevant or otherwise) appreciated.  Even if 
you've no solution, a joke or two would help.

Regards all,


D. Jason Nolan
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


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