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Re: Network output buffer

On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, Martian wrote:

> On MidgardMOO we've set up a workable web system. Problem is, when GETing a large file, the moo 
> will often disconnect before the output buffer is empty.
> The code for the output:
> --
>  for Line in (htext)
>    notify(player, Line, 1);
>    if ($command_utils:running_out_of_time())
>      suspend(0);
>    endif
>  endfor
>  suspend(1);
>  boot_player(player);
> --
> So my question is, is there any way to make sure all output has actually been sent before 
> disconnecting the player? If there's no builtin or somesuch, what data would I look at so I can 
> write my own builtin?

I wrote a little bf that returned the network_connections output_length, 
then looped, suspending, until it reaches 0.

That and several other little patches here and there I'll be making 
available shortly, once I'm sure it stable.  The patch set will include 
mpl-1.4, fup-1.7, chr/asc, most with modifications and additions such as 
the above little addition.  The patch files will be for 1.7.9p2.  If 
you're interesting, let me know via email.


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