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Re: MOO-1.7.9p2 Memory leak in match() still?

Mark R. Bowyer writes:
> Now, I have run our server on my own Sun, running our initial WOOM1.0 DB
> release and observed the following.  It ran over night with no connections
> and saw no increase in size.  Big surprise.  I then connected and tried a few
> commands, measuring it at the end of each.  Just blinking added a substantial
> amount.  Now, due to our Web extensions (nearly all of which are in MOO-code)
> "just blinking" actually does a small number of match()'s and rmatch()'s, due
> to the announce being made visable to any Web watchers.  This is why I
> believe that the problem comes from here.

Can you make a copy of this database available to me?  Also, does it depend on
FUP being there?  Finally, please send me instructions on how to reproduce the
`blinking' leak you noticed.  I'll try running it under Purify and see what we
learn, both in 1.7.9p2 and the current 1.8.0 draft.



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