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Greetings, & some questions...

Hi all. This is my first posting to the list, and I am an UTTER newbie :)

I am building a small MOO to be used by a network of local colleges,
and I have a few questions before I devote a large amount of time to

Firstly: Descriptions.
Currently, to describe a room, I write the description in a WP, then type
@desc here as <then copy and paste from the WP>.
This works, but doesn't allow me to easily change things from within the
Is there a better way - an online way to edit the descriptions?

Secondly: Exits.
When one does a "look"/"l", the exits are not listed. I have been listing
them as part of my descriptions. This is annoying, since every time I
change something, I have to redo the description of the room (which leaves
room for error). Can one get the exits listed automagically?

That's about it for now. You all seem to be on a higher plane of existence,
so I'm tipping you can answer these...




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