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Trouble creating programmers automatically


I can't seem to figure this out :

I want any new characters on my MOO, created by @make-player, to be programmers.
I've set $player_class to $prog, so the newly created player is a child of $prog.

But what I can't get done, is to automatically set the programmer-bit of the new
player, at least not without hacking the $wiz_utils:make_player verb.

This is what the verb does:

23:  new.programmer = $player_class.programmer;

so I have tried to set the programmer-flag on $player_class ($prog), but this 
raises E_INVARG :

#-1:Input to EVAL, line 5:  Invalid argument
... called from built-in function eval()
... called from #58:eval_cmd_string (this == #2), line 18
... called from #58:eval*-d (this == #2), line 10
(End of traceback)

How do I fix this ?

Martijn Grendelman,
Bruce @ MusicMOO.

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