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Re: Feature Request

Kipp the Kidd drew these hieroglyphs:
> On Thu, 11 Jan 1996 wrote:
> > 1.  A connection_options(<conn>) butiltin that returns the active connection
> > options for the specified connection, perhaps in a list like:
> > {"binary","client-echo"}
> Pavel- Yeah, you might think I'm insane to try this, but I want to know if
> you can make an option like "line" mode and "character" mode...  and if
> you won't, can someone tell me the telnet codes for line-at-a-time and
> character-at-a-time modes?  I have made some nifty yes/no and editor
> programs on my MOO, but it only works by hitting ^] and typing mode
> character at the telnet> prompt. 

Woo, you think lag is bad now, wait until MOO forks off for every
single CHARACTER in each line.

If you want to handle character input, you're probably better off
writing your own client that handles it, and a protocol to exchange
this data, possibly with the out-of-band protocol.  Something like:

#$#12345 query id=12 prompt="Enter (Y/n): " response_set="YN" default="Y"

Which your client intercepts, sets up a prompt, gets a single
character, checks it for validity, and sends back:

#$#12345 reply id=12 response="Y"

(You could probably ditch some fields and add others)


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