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linked MOO's

I've been experimenting a bit with linking two rooms on two separate moos,
just wanted to run it by the list...

I have a master room on moo A, with a "mirror" room on moo B.

I have a dedicated player on moo B, HoloServer.

The Master room makes a connection to B and logs in as HoloServer.
HoloServer passes :tell messages back through the connection, and Master
does the same for :tells.

:enterfunc and :exitfunc send create and destroy messages to the other moo,
which creates a child of GenericHologram, setting the name and description

My next step is to give the Holograms "wrapper" verbs for any special verbs
on the pointed to real object on the other moo.  A few examples.

A: Jesse drops note.
    :enterfunc triggers the creation of a GenericHologram on B, naming it
"note" and giving it A:note's description.
B: read note
    Soon, the hologram will also get a :read verb with the proper args, that
sends a message back to A:note and returns the response.
A: "Hello.
B: Jesse says, "Hello."
B: :jumps around.
A: John jumps around.

Okay, that's a bit confusing, but it's working! :)

I remember a related project at JHM, connecting to Lambda, but it wasn't
integrated into the room.

Eventually, I want to get a singleuser server running on my win95 machine,
then have it connect to a moo on the net.

I'll be able to do my stuff whether I'm connected or not (on my laptop, for

Comments, suggestions, etc. welcome...
jesse montrose <>
After seven years, I was sent home to my family.  Little man, I give
the watch to you.

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