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Re: Greetings, & some questions...

>Secondly: Exits.
>When one does a "look"/"l", the exits are not listed. I have been listing
>them as part of my descriptions. This is annoying, since every time I
>change something, I have to redo the description of the room (which leaves
>room for error). Can one get the exits listed automagically?

This is one way, but if you're a newbie, every chunk of code you don't have to write yourself helps:

@verb $room:tell_exits tnt
@program $room:tell_exits this none this
exit_list = {};
for x in (this.exits)
  if (x.obvious)
    exit_list = {@exit_list,};
if (exit_list != {})
  player:notify(tostr("Obvious exits: ", $string_utils:english_list(exit_list)));


put this after this:tell_contents(things); in $room:look_self  :


(If $string_utils:enlish_list isn't on your moo, you may have to code something like that up.)

Hope that helps a little,


// Kimberly Bobrow
//      She's e-mailing, she must be 
//       having an out-of-moo experience!

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