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I'd like to add a feature to my moo which will allow a group of people to 
hold a "conference", and I'm looking for ideas for a good way to do this.

I'd like one person to be able to "create" a conference, and invite a list 
of people. I'd like them to be able to add/remove from the list, too. The 
conference will be held in a room of the person's choice - but it should be 
an existing room.

Therefore, I'd have to have some kind of system to prevent double bookings. 
Alternatively, if I could have a player create a temporary room (without 
giving them programming permissions) for the meeting, that would be good.

Finally, those not invited should not be able to enter, and entry should be 
transparent to those who are invited.

My first thought was to implement this using a lock on the entry to a room. 
Perhaps a "booking" will be made by taking a key from a central bank of keys 
(each for a different door). The person can then use some commands to add to 
the locking list. I'm not sure how I'd implement this (with the key), or 
whether it's a good system. After all, people will have to put keys 

I'd appreciate any help on this, TIA.


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