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Hey, Joe, how's it going?

You asked:
>Has anyone taken it upon themself to try to add Pueblo support to MOO? 
>Has anyone thought about it? Do you even know what Pueblo is? :)
>I'm curious as to see if anyone has bothered trying it.

Recently, thanks to the efforts of number of people, including some
assistance from Chaco Communications, Virtual Online University (VOU),
at, port 8888, began supporting Pueblo clients.

I was only slightly involved with the Puebloization, so I'm frankly not
the best one to comment on how it was done, what the requirements are, etc.
Instead, I will try to get one of our other wizards to answer any
questions people might have about it.

I *can* tell you that it works, and we have given several demonstration
classes using the Pueblo client support to present various images during
the classes.  And the work goes on.

Visitors (Pueblo and otherwise) are always welcome.


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