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Re: Pueblo.,...

Brandon Gillespie drew these hieroglyphs:
> > Has anyone taken it upon themself to try to add Pueblo support to MOO? 
> > Has anyone thought about it? Do you even know what Pueblo is? :)
> > I'm curious as to see if anyone has bothered trying it.
> once pueblo supports a standard protocol (such as MCP or VEIL), sure..

Can we even call MCP a "standard"?  According to the draft spec, it
doesn't support multiple streams, and isn't even compatible with MOO
out of the box.  I'm guessing a new spec has been written up since
then, but it certainly doesn't show on JHM, where it's still using
'@@@' as an OOB prefix in the spec.

As for VEIL, we need some examples.  How about showing us what a short
session in VEIL looks like?  (Put it on the page, 'kay?)

And pueblo folks, how 'bout a URL for info, hm?



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