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Re: ALPHA-TEST release of LambdaMOO version 1.8.0alpha6

Chuck Adams writes:
> > -- Fixed bug that caused *all* settings of the .wizard property to be
> >    logged, instead of just those that set it to a true value.  (Thanks
> >    again to Dave Van Buren for reporting this.)
> This is a bug?  When I wrote my set_wizard_flag() patch, I
> purposely included de-wizzing.  Unsetting a wizard bit can seriously
> undermine the functional integrity of the database, and it'd be nice
> to know who did it.

It was a bug in the sense that it was an unintentional change from 1.7.9's
behavior.  There are a *lot* of actions that could undermine the functional
integrity of a server and we can't log all of them.  Just logging wizzings
seemed a good compromise; as Dave pointed out in his bug report, it's pretty
disconcerting for every toading/recycling of a player to generate such a log



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