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Re: Desparate...

At 6:49 16/1/96, PILOSOF AVI wrote:
>I mailed this before, but I'm not sure if it went through, and I really need
>some help with this...
> -----------------------------
>I am suddenly getting some strange errors which seem to involve string
>When I type "l", look is invoked well.
>However, if there's an object lying around (happens to be called "screen"),
>and I type "l screen" or "look screen", I get this:
>#3:match (this == #84), line 1:  Verb not found
>... called from #20:match_object, line 17
>... called from #1:match_object (this == #84), line 3
>... called from #3:l*ook (this == #84), line 11
>(End of traceback)

Obvisously you added a verb named contents (this none this) (or exits()) to
#84 (or #3), without programming it, and #3:match() line 1 will fail.

Good luck


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