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Byte quota problems..

Ok, so I changed $quota_utils to $byte_quota_utils.. all seemed well,
but now:

@measure new
Measuring the sizes of skud2's recently created objects...
#80:object_bytes, line 34:  Range error
... called from #4:@measure (this == #1058), line 41
(End of traceback)

(the relevant line being:
34:        o.owner.size_quota[2] = o.owner.size_quota[2] + b; )


#80:display_quota, line 16:  Range error
... called from #4:@quota (this == #1058), line 11
(End of traceback)

(the line being:
16:    quota = x.size_quota[1];
  ... where x is a player, basically..)

Players don't seem to have a .size_quota prop, or rather, there's
nothing in it...

@show #1058.size_quota
Owner:        Hacker (#37)
Value:        {}

... though I, the archwiz, do have one. Weird.

Incidentally, I followed Kipp's two steps for implementing the byte
quota, and while the second step was running (ugh.. lagged my machine
*badly* - it's onl ya bitty box!) it also tried to checkpoint, and
crashed. No harm done, but is this the cause of current problems, do
you think?


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