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Re: call_function

> As the Changlog.txt states, it allows one to compute the name of builtin
> functions, or to call non-standard builtin functions in such a way that the
> code you write remains portable.
> As simplistic examples, you can now have verbs with similar functions can
> now handle several different builtin functions at once (before you needed a
> separate verb for each builtin)
> #0:bf_*
>   verb = verb[3..$];
>   if(this:trusts(player) && verb in $server_options.protected_builtins)
>     return call_function(verb, @args);
>   else
>     return E_PERM;
>   endif

Okay..  I see one advantage, and that is to simplify what can already be 
accomplished with a slightly more complicated verb.  I was just under the 
impression that the only builtins to be standard would only be things 
that either can't be done in-database or would be too tick expensive to 
do in-database.  Maybe I'll write it in-database, and see how many ticks 
I can get it down to through heavy optimization of it.  I'll stop ranting 
now. :-)



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