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Possible SERIOUS bug in alpha6

I had some verb code mysteriously "morph" on me tonight.  I had been
implementing the new {arg,arg,arg}=args; logic in a multitude of verbs
when I encountered a problem with #0:add_verb: I hadn't allowed for
enough args, so I couldn't add new verbs!  I fixed #0:add_verb, then
exited the verb editor.  To my surprise, my :tell_exits() verb in the
room was reporting:

Obvious exits:
   Property not found to Property not found

I !d'd the tell_exits and got the TB.  The problem was in a line that
was trying to use the .enterfunc property of the exit and the room it
was destined to.  The verb was originally designed to use .name.
Naturally, this alarmed me...  The exits were displaying fine just a
second ago.  It appears that every instance of .name in the verb had
been changed to .enterfunc, as if someone in the editor had done
s/.name/.enterfunc/g1-$ and compiled the verb.  The other wizard online
didn't do that, and my security verb hadn't caught anyone with a wizbit.
The only other person connected at the time is very trustworthy and
the last time I checked the tasks stack(a few minutes back), there were
no unusual pending tasks.  This should pretty much rule out
tampering(and why would anyone tamper with a silly :tell_exits() verb?)

Could you please check into this?  One guess is that it could have
something to do with the code that compiles the new assignment

   Brian Buchanan
-= ArchWizard of Digital Wasteland MOO ( 8888) =-


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