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At 06:06 AM 1/19/96 PST, Seth I. Rich wrote:
>I can't see a use for this.  Why would a wizard want to cause another
player to invoke commands?  Can't the wizard write code that doesn't require
this sort of game-playing?  (How does this builtin handle the callers()
stack?  Does it lie to callers() as well?)

        Well, it'd make in-DB parsing a lot simpler.  As the server stands,
we'd have to re-code every !x verb with proper security checks to allow it
to be called from an in-DB parser, or use some crazy workaround toggling the
x bit.

        If I'm missing another easy way to call !x commands, I'm open to
hear it.

        I'd just assumed do_command() (or the long-ago discussed by Pavel
himself wiz-override behaviour of the x-bit) was fully intended to be
included in the server.  I'd thought that was Pavel's intent since he'd
mentioned :do_command as a "first step" towards in-DB parsing.

        (Not that I'm whining, mind you.  I echo the thanks of the MOO
community to Pavel for all these cool new toys in the server.  Now I just
gotta wait til one's ready for a production core so I can PLAY like a leetle


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