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RE: [newbie] Programmer Tutorial Question

Your error is pretty common, get used to looking at the line before the error when you can't find it in the error.  your problem here is that line 2 is missing a right parenthesis at the end of it.

From:  D. Jason Nolan[]
Sent:  Friday, January 19, 1996 4:23 PM
Subject:  [newbie] Programmer Tutorial Question

Hi all;

I'm trying to learn things, working through a programmer's tutorial,and
I'm stuck trying to make this work.  Compiler says that line 3 is not

#110:do_the_work not compiled because:
  Line 3:  syntax error

  1: if (this.wound)
  2:    if ($object_utils:isa(this.location,$room)
__3_      this.location:announce_all(," ",this:continue_msg());
^^4^     this.wound = this.wound - 1;
  5:     if (this.wound)
  6:       fork (15)
  7:         this:do_the_work();
  8:       endfork
  9:     else
 10:       this.location:announce_all(, " ",
 11:     endif
 12:   endif
 13:   if (this.wound < 0)
 14:      this.wound=0;
 15:   endif
 16: endif

Now, this is exactly what is in the tutorial, so I can't even guess at
how I might get through learning this to get onto the next phase.  Any
help, or any other tutorial document references would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the newbie bandwidth waste,


D. Jason Nolan
Department of Curriculum
Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education
University of Toronto
(416)923-6641 x2528

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