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Re: MOO-Cows Digest V1 #306

DJ>> How can one prevent someone from killing a task that they shouldn't be
DJ>> killing?  Denying prog-bits is not an option in many situations, and
DJ>> using fork() for every call to a verb that might possible kill the task

DJ>How about $server_options.protect_kill_task == 1,
DJ>and #0:kill_task() ?
DJ>and #0:register_unkillable()
DJ>Any task that shouldnt be killed, could call #0:register_unkillable,
DJ>which would save the task_id() in #0.unkillable
DJ>#0:kill_task, would check the args[1] against this list, and only kill
DJ>the task if it wasnt there..
DJ>Wizards, of course, could still use the builtin to kill any task.

Excellent idea!  I'll implement this.

   Brian Buchanan
-= ArchWizard of Digital Wasteland MOO ( 8888) =-

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