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Re: Verb Question

> 'Keith Weston' drew these hieroglyphs:
> > caller (i.e checks all the verbs on the calling player)
> > caller.location
> > caller's feature objects
> > caller.location.contents
> >
> > W/o getting too specific, is this the right sequence?
> Get rid of the feature object part and you have it right.  The server
> has no concept of feature objects -- they are handled entirely in-db.

Huh? According to the manual it goes:

1. the player who typed the command
2. the room the player is in
3. the direct object, if any, and
4. the indirect object, if any

If the server doesn't find the verb on  any of the above objects is looks
for a verb named 'huh' on the room that the player is in - it is in the land
of :huh that FO's come in

Have fun - John (aka WatsonCrick - BioMOO admin)
John Towell, Ph.D.
Post-doc: Informatics
Northern Illinois University


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