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Re: kill_task(task_id())

David J. Chiodo writes:
> > How can one prevent someone from killing a task that they shouldn't be
> > killing?
> How about $server_options.protect_kill_task == 1,
> and #0:kill_task() ?
> and #0:register_unkillable()
> Any task that shouldnt be killed, could call #0:register_unkillable, 
> which would save the task_id() in #0.unkillable
> #0:kill_task, would check the args[1] against this list, and only kill 
> the task if it wasnt there..

Of course, they can still do any of the following:

	while (1) endwhile
	x = "x"; while (1) x = x + x; endwhile

any of which will do just as much damage as calling kill_task(task_id())...


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