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Re: E-Mail Adresses

In message <> , you wrote:
> At 06:08 PM 21/01/96 PST, Matt Pauker wrote:
> >You could just finger the user - Connect to port 79 of the domain (In this
> >case, and just send the username (david).  If you get anything
> >other than:
> If you were going to try this it would probably be better
> to use the SMTP VRFY command by doing something like

Another useful SMTP command to consider is EXPN, which will tell you what
an alias expands to.  A while back someone submitted `' to
comp.sources.reviewed (which is archived many places including UUNET and
many source CDROMs) which will take an email address and produce a list of
all the destination mailboxes (addresses which don't explode or forward).
Most of this code could be ported to MOO pretty easily.



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