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Permissions question

I have finally managed to write my conferencing/booking system, yet there's 
one niggling problem left, which I would like to get advice on.

One part of the system works like this:

There is a "video screen" object in the main room, which has messages on it. 
When a person books a room for a conference, a message is added to this 
object like this:

     #123.messages = listinsert( #123.messages, message )

When a person unbooks a room, the message is removed.

The problem is that I haven't yet touched the permissions on the "screen" 
object, and any character can just pick it up and walk away with it :)

However, I'm afraid that if I change it, people won't be able to write to it 
from the "book" and "unbook" functions.

I don't want to mess with this until I get advice, since I might create some 
permission loopholes.

Hope somebody can suggest something...




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