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Re: *Very* alpha MOO floating-point patch


> I grabbed fpmoo2.diff.gz, since that one had a later date, so I figured it
> was 'more current', even with the slightly smaller size.

> The linux 1.2.13 (slackware 3.0, I believe) that I'm using to compile this
> on couldn't find 'autoconf', and make wouldn't execute without it, so I make
> ./autoconf as a shell script that did nothing, which got it past that part
> of the making process.
There's no autoconf I could find in Solaris 2.5 either.  But I just touched the 
configure files so it didn't bother doing it.  Dependency is a wonderful thing.
Since I'd already done the configure, and Suns have all the maths stuff OK, this 
didn't effect me.  What others with less complete systems will do here is beyond 

> Under linux tho, I did have to define HAVE_ISNAN, since math.h defined it.
> After that, clean compiliation, as usual :)

I also had to define HAVE_ISNAN, and edit all our own additions to change 
TYPE_NUM to TYPE_INT.  After that the compile was as clean as ever (Sun's C 
complains of annacronistic uses of a few operators, but big deal.)

As to actually testing the stuff in-MOO, I just flexed it enough to see it 
didn't panic - the rest of the testing for MOOtiny will be done by better 
MOOhands than I.  But this added functionality will make a lot of our stuff far 
more accurate, such as calculating the area clicked in in an imagemap served to 
the Web.  This had been a bug-bear up till now, and only Jeni's brilliance made 
it workable at all.  Thanks for this great effort, and please do keep us 
informed of future work and patches for future releases.


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