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RE: Once again, backspace & echo.

If it is your telnet client, then try this:

load telnet,  contact the moo, log in, and then do this:

press control-]     this should get you into telnet's command mode.

type ' set erase ^H'  (carat H)  and press return, this should set your 
backspace to the backspace key (which is on most computers control-H or
character code 8) and it will also put you right back into the MOO.

press control-E and press return, this should turn echo ON.  (If it 
doesn't then press control-] to get back into command mode again
and type 'display'  and look at the character that is assigned to
erase, and re-perform this procedure using that character.)

With luck, this will work for you. :)

Sent:  Monday, January 22, 1996 11:16 PM
To:  'moo'
Subject:  Once again, backspace & echo.

I mailed regarding the fact that the MOO doesn't work with backspace nor 
does it echo characters.

I was told that it was my telnet client - which seemed to make sense.

However, I've tried 3 clients, and they all behave the same. I've tried 
different types of emulation, too...

Furthermore, another MOO of the same flavour ( ) does behave well 
with backspace from the same clients (although it doesn't echo).

Could someone please tell me what control character is translated as a 
backspace within the MOO?



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