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Re: The reverse of ctime()

At 09:28 PM 1/23/96 PST, PILOSOF AVI <> wrote:
>Does a function exist (or does someone know the code for such a beast) to 
>take time in a human readable format and convert it to the internal time 
>format (ie; number of seconds since 1/1/1970) ?

Take a look at $time_utils, specificly :from_ctime(), it's kind of strict,
but it can be pretty flexible.

>1) Is it possible to send email out from the MOO to a standard internet 

How do you think new passwords are sent to users?  Take a look at
$wiz:@make-player and friends to see how it interfaces with $network to send
that mail.

>2) Is it possible to create log files from the MOO, and save all traffic 
>into them?

Yes.  Using FUP, you can write files.  We've offlined our web interface's
log files to a disk file using it.  fileappend() comes in handy for this.

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