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Re: Email & file access through the MOO

I'd say this would all be possible.  Outbound internet mail is 
accomplished with $network:sendmail (or how ever Paval has it done in the 
newer server), and logging all activity is easily done with converting a 
rooms :tell() verb to write down all the stuff into a this
=> {"John says, \"How are you guys doing\"","John sits down.","Freda 
says, \"Hi John!\"",...,"Jacob says, \"Meeting Adjourned\""}

I can't think of exactley how I could mail this programming 
escapes me at the momment...maybe something like this(I might be doing it 

$network:sendmail("","Meeting at Meeting Room 1<#3303> - 
Tue Jan 31 12:38:45","The following is the meeting log:",@#3303.activity);
I beleive that would do it correctly.
-David Matovich (Gandalf - Head Programmer/Designer - CastleMOO)

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, PILOSOF AVI wrote:

> Two hairy questions.
> 1) Is it possible to send email out from the MOO to a standard internet 
> address?
> 2) Is it possible to create log files from the MOO, and save all traffic 
> into them?
> The reason I ask is because this is what I need to accomplish:
> The MOO is used for holding meetings, and people would like a transcript 
> (minutes) of the meeting to be kept. If this could be mailed to the meeting 
> organiser, this would be great.
> Possible?
> Avi


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