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callers() and :huh

I want to be clear on some weird behavior I've had reported to me,
regarding the way callers() handles :huh parsing (I'm using an unmodified
1.7.9p2 on a Linux box).  As an experiment, I've created a room with the 
following verbs:

  #1955:test/huh none none none rxd #2

  #1955:dump this none this rxd #2
  notify(player, "--- starting callers() dump ---");
  for i in (callers())
    notify(player, toliteral(i));
  notify(player, "--- ending callers() dump ---");

If I type, in that room, `test', I get:
  --- starting callers() dump ---
  {#1955, "test", #2, #1955, #2}
  --- ending callers() dump ---

If I type `spaghetti' (a nonmatching verb) I get:
  --- starting callers() dump ---
  {#1955, "spaghetti", #2, #1955, #2}
  --- ending callers() dump ---

... which, i think, falsely implies that there exists a wizowned verb
#1955:spaghetti.  Programmers who crawl up callers() could crash on this
sort of behavior.  Is this wrong, or is it just incompletely documented?

Seth I. Rich -                         no, no quote.
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