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Re: Impossible var type! [was: I love the new server...]

In list.c:

>static package
>bf_decode_binary(Var arglist, Byte next, void *vdata, Objid progr)
>    int         length;
>    const char *bytes = binary_to_raw_bytes(arglist.v.list[1].v.str, &length);
>    int         nargs = arglist.v.list[0].v.num;
>    int         fully = (nargs >= 2 && is_true(arglist.v.list[2]));

So, it looks like the second argument can be of any value, since any value can be 
passed to is_true().  So, I changed the register_function line to:

>    register_function("decode_binary", 1, 2, bf_decode_binary, TYPE_STR,
>                      TYPE_ANY);

That did the trick.



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