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Re: [server] $server_options

In article <v02130503ad3097cb7242@[]>,
Kai Storbeck <> wrote:
>We are working on a hack at this moment, which enables you to add a verb on
>$server_options, for example: protect_add_verb.
>When a builtin is called, the verb on $server_options (if found) MUST
>return 1 to complete itself.
>The advantage of it, is that you don't have to check on perms anymore, like
>with a property, making builtins wiz only.

I am not sure this is a good idea.  All this means you are encouraging
the use of builtins, which I think is a bad idea.  You are much better
off creating protect_* properties for all builtins (except maybe stuff
like tonum() and sqrt()) and then make the users use the wrapper
verbs.  That way you can do any permissions checks you want, and
should you ever need to, you can change the verb (e.g. use a recycler
instead of create(), and what have you.)

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