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Re: A message I recieved....

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Ken Roberts wrote:

> I got the message below  with no sender and no return address...
> But I have the persons name..
> Can someone help me?
[anonymous mail deleted]

Quit whatever mailer you're using to read it, and open it using the unix 
mail program.  Most mailers, like the one you're using, shorten the 
headers on top of the message to the ones that it thinks you're most 
interested.  mail doesn't do that.  The first header on top of the 
message should be "received from: <hostname> <date>".  That's the 
computer that the sender actually sent the message from.  Then with a 
little playing with finger and traceroute, you can figure out who it was 
that sent it and where exactly that computer is at.



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