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Re: Ident code in 1.8.0a6

At 02:24 PM 1/29/96 PST, rjt4 wrote:
>I dont know if anyone's mentioned this before but..
>Does anyone know why the ident code refuses to give anything but the 
>hostname under 1.8.0a6? I've changed connection_hostname_bsd as 
>documented in the changelog file, and ident is the only thing that's 
>stopping me from changing over properly to it ;)

MOO does not in any way have any server ident code.  The connection_name()
builtin now returns the port from which the player is coming from, and with
that, the MOO database may open a connection to the ident server, and THEN
get the ident data.  Look at MOO2000's $network:ident_connection() verb for
an idea of how this is done.  The address is 2000

- Kipp
` Kipp - Michael Mudge #     I like to live close to home    # Syracuse       !
`     Owner of MOO2000 # 2000        # New York       !

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