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Wishlist: verbs that return control to the system...

Yeah I know it's probably too late in the game but I keep thinking about something that I'd like whenever I'm not near my keyboard to talk about it...  This time I got lucky.

What I'd like to see is some way for verbs to return or maybe raise a condition which would cause the command parser to continue normal processing as if it had never attempted to use this verb.

For example:due to the order of processing if I put a 'L*ook any any any' on myself it's going to override all other occurances of look.  My version of look only handles look, look object, and look at object.   Problem is, if I make a dresser and want to be able to 'look on dresser' or 'look in dresser' I need to put those variations of the look command on the dresser.   However, since my look got first dibs it was given the task of processing it.  it would be really nifty if I could have somewhere in my code where if (nothingdone)  raise E_DISCARD or something which causes the server to resume looking for a 'look' on other objects.

This could be useful for many other reasons.  I could put a 'get' on the room that modifies the way get works, (changes dobj and iobj) then tosses control back to the main handlers with these new variables in place.  It opens up some interesting possibilities.

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