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Re: anyone ever gotten xerox to clarify the MOO license before?

*sigh* Check the MOO-cows archives guys, I think the answers to both
questions (who owns the server, who owns the db) are there - I know
the 2nd question was hashed out mightily here several years ago...


On Wednesday, Jan 8, 1997, Michael Moore writes:
>Canton M. Becker wrote:
>> Alien Xfer Protocol v1.b
>> Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 11:24:25 -0700
>> To:
>> From: canton <>
>> Subject: anyone ever gotten xerox to clarify the MOO license before?
>> Hiya, Folks.
>> Trying to get some sort of a response from Xerox's legal crew to tell us
>> whether or not it's okay to use the LambaMOO server software as part of our
>> commercial enterprise... Kinda running into a *total* dead end. All they're
>> willing to say is that they haven't released the software as per Xerox's
>> releasing procedure, and that the licence agreement that accompanies the
>> lambdaMOO source code isn't necessarily valid since it probably wasn't
>> cleared by them.
>> Has anyone else tried to get permission to use LambdaMOO before? Help?
>> Thanks a zillion. Reward to anyone who can furnish a document that
>> demonstrates that Xerox officially releases the LambdaMOO server
>> free-of-charge for whatever purpose. :)
>> -canton
>Sort-of along these lines:
>What about LambdaCore?  Who owns the code--Xerox?  Pavel?  The original
>Not that I want to sell it or make money off it...just being curious.  :)


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