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Lambda Core database

Is there going to be a new core out soon?  I downloaded a copy of the dec
25 today.  I don't know why but it doesn't load up.  In either 1.8.0p5 or
in 1.7.7.  I don't have a copy of 1.7.8 around to try it on.  On 1.7.7 I
get the following error

Jan 13 16:16:54: *** PARSER: Line 3:  Unknown built-in function: toliteral
Jan 13 16:16:54: *** DB_READ: Unparsable program #20:48, nprogs = 1176.
Jan 13 16:16:54: *** Cannot parse database file!

When I try 1.8.0p5  I get

Jan 13 16:12:16: PARSER: Warning in #20:explode:
Jan 13 16:12:16:            Line 5:  Renaming old use of new keyword:break
Jan 13 16:12:17: *** PARSER: Error in #37:_every:
Jan 13 16:12:17: ***            Line 9:  parse error
Jan 13 16:12:17: *** READ_DB_FILE: Unparsable program #37:4.
Jan 13 16:12:17: *** DB_LOAD: Cannot load database!

So is there a modern core I can use?  I specifically want one that I can
develop some stuff for another moo on my system.  That other moo takes up
something like 16m of resources, I don't want to set aside another 16m of
resources just to develop something.


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