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Clue-cows info, take two

(Changes from last version: I rewrote all my scripts and there's a
digest version available.  Oh, and my email address for these purposes
is now

The clue-cows manifesto

A number of my friends have unsubscribed from moo-cows due to either
high volume, or low signal-to-noise ratio.  I started clue-cows
because I realized I was forwarding messages for them.

What clue-cows is

Clue-cows is a forwarding service I provide for selected moo-cows
articles.  I forward the messages I consider interesting to its list
of subscribers.

Clue-cows is effectively a low-tech filtering mechanism.  See below.

What clue-cows is not

Clue-cows is not a mailing list.  That is, you can't send mail to it.
The only things sent on it are messages that have already appeared on

This implies that you don't need to be subscribed to both.

Clue-cows is not a Power Elite plot.

What I forward

I'm not very objective.  I have a strong bias towards people who are
very well known in the MOO community.  I like answers more than
questions.  I like technical issues more than social issues on one
particular MUD.  I tend not to look at messages that aren't formatted
and spelled nicely.

Your recourse

If you're a subscriber and you think I'm not doing a good job, you
have (I think) three choices.

1) You could whine at me.  Not likely to be effective.

2) You could unsubscribe from clue-cows and resubscribe to moo-cows;
after all, you won't miss anything.

3) You could start your own forwarding service.  Yes, this means that
you'd have to subscribe to moo-cows again, but you'd be doing *your*
friends a favor.

Option 3) is why I claim this isn't a Power Elite plot.  My influence
is exactly equal to how much people respect my opinion of what's

How messages arrive

If this week we're all on MOO-Cows-Digest, I burst the digests for you
(I must do so to filter them anyway).  This has the added benefit of
hiding what the upstream source is doing.

If you're subscribed to the standard edition, you may not notice the
switchover from MOO-Cows.  Forwarded messages will still appear to be
To: or Cc:; the only indication that a message
is from me is "Resent-From: clue-cows" headers.  If you're filtering
moo-cows with slocal or zinc, you probably don't need to change a

If you're subscribed to the digest edition, you get an RFC934-format
digest of messages I wanted to forward.  Right now I'm not doing the
right thing with MIME encapsulation because my upstream source,
MOO-Cows-Digest, throws away all MIME headers anyway.

Technical issues

Clue-cows is currently implemented by a bunch of custom scripts
written in Python and perl.  They're pretty fragile but if you really
want them I can make them public.  Just be aware that you too can send
out a billion lines of Apparently-To: headers if you aren't careful...

This is a primitive filtering system.  Of course, what I'd really like
is a Seals Of Approval (SOAP) implementation that works for mailing
lists.  PICS perhaps will solve many of these problems, but I'm not
holding my breath.  If you have any pointers to better software please
send them to me.

How to subscribe

Send mail to `' indicating which of clue-cows or
clue-cows-digest you'd like to subscribe to.

Jay Carlson

Flat text is just *never* what you want.   ---stephen p spackman

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