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RE: Please no flames

Well, in the standard Lambdacore what you want to do is @toad the player, /then/ @recycle them.  The lambdacore won't let you @recycle anyone with the player flag, and @toad resets the player flag (among other things).

As for the news, I gave that up as a lost cause some time ago. :)

From:  Thomas E. Doyle[]
Sent:  Wednesday, February 07, 1996 12:19 PM
Subject:  Please no flames

I have read every scrap of information I can lay my
hands on on the LambdaCore and still have these
basic questions. 

How do I delete a player.

    I have tried recycle on the name and the id number
    in both cases it says that it is trying to recycle but
    does not remove the player.

How do I create news

      There is virtually no information on news other than
       how to read it.

I know these are basic questions but there seems to be
good documentation on the complex issues but next to
no documentation on the basic stuff. 



Thomas E. Doyle
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Madison Area Technical College

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