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News (was Re: Please no flames)

    PMC MOO has an excellent implementation of news
(due to Defender?) which we at Id have stolen, er,

    In this mechanism, you create a $news_item which
is a descendent of $note and edit it as usual.  Then,
you put it into the $news object.  This alerts all the
connected players that a new item has entered the news

    To remove news, you can take it from $news and either
recycle it or put it into another object ($oldnews on PMC
and on Id.)

    I just recently changed $note so that its information
is cached using FUP.  This flows through to $news_items
except I had to make a tiny change to PMC's $news_item
(which used to look at the property .text instead of using
the access function :text)  You can get this from us at Id.


Tom Ritchford,

Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.


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