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Re: Support for alt. language

If you find a way to input extended ASCII characters, let me know.  I've 
tried before and never worked.. whether the extended (MacOS-only) 
character set was stripped out on the client end because of some 
tradition or the MOO parser strips them out I don't know.

This brings up a question.. this may be a stupid question, but I'll ask 
anyway... what happens if you set the connection option of a standard 
telnet connection, on line by line mode, to binary?  Since the telnet 
client is thinking in line by line mode, it sends out the input in 1 
line chunks.. would the MOO then receive it in 1 line chunks?  Could you 
use a read() loop to handle commands, and the read() inputs it as a 
binary string, yet it's still separated into lines by the client end?  
This would solve the problem of alternate character sets, assuming that 
you had a client which would automatically slice the input into 
individual lines and the MOO would pay attention to that.  Ofcourse, you 
would have to do the parsing entirely in-database if you did such a 


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