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MPL and calls on #0

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Pavel Curtis wrote:
> Richard Connamacher writes:
> > is #0:handle_uncaught_error() and #0:handle_task_timeout() only called 
> > on #0, or is it MPL-friendly? I'm working on a WWW server that uses 
> > 1.8.0's MPL, and I'd like for it to be able to use its own error 
> > handlers for tasks that are initialized by connections to it.
> Sorry; they're only called on #0.  I don't have the information necessary at
> the right time, and I'm not even sure I understand the `right' semantics for
> this idea.

This goes along with a request I had earlier to use listener.message_property
instead of #0.message_property (if the listener isn't #0).  If we can't
have listeners truly handle their own connections, then could we have an
optional argument to listeners([CONN]) to determine which object is handling
a particular connection?  Then the verb calls on #0 could pass the buck 
in-db (though this wouldn't really solve the problem with


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