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Re: FUP and Server News

"George M. Ellenburg" <>
>I asked this question a while back but never got an answer ...
>Was wondering if anyone is familiar with the code to move the MOO mail 
>and news onto disk using Bio's FUP?  Is there a patch or code to do 
>this?  I'd really appreciate obtaining permission to use it for my MOO.  
>Disk space isn't a premium, memory is.  TIA.

I've mostly completed such a thing... I imagine it will
take me a week more at least!  I really want to make sure
it's completely debugged before putting it on line for
all the characters.

It's a good solution, IMHO, and pretty fast (it keeps the
head information in the database and allows you to mix
FUPed and non-FUPed mail in one character or mailing list...
so you don't have transitional problems.)  It handles
deletions and recycling.  I also have a (complete and working)
FUPed $note (as I mentioned before.)

Still, I'd be most happy to use someone else's completed


Tom Ritchford,

Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.


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