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Re: BETA-TEST release of LambdaMOO version 1.8.0beta1

Kipp the Kidd writes:
> >> this a bug?  Should my queue 'flush' when I [get] disconnect[ed]?
> >
> >This is not a bug; the change happened in 1.8.0alpha5.  If you want to flush
> >your input queue, use the new `.flush' command.  See the ChangeLog.txt file
> >for details.
> That is stupid.  So you're saying I have to type '.flush' *just* before my
> client unexpectedly disconnects me???  How am I supposed to know when???

Only if you care about having your as-yet-unprocessed input flushed.  This
doesn't strike me as all that common a concern.

> Like you did with all the other .commands (.dump, .quit, etc), make a
> builtin function for this too...

That's not unreasonable.

> . o O ( Will force_input(player,".flush") work? )

Not necessarily, because they might have changed their flush command to
something else; in $user_[client_]disconnected() you can't work around this,
because by that time, the connection is gone and you can't ask for its
connection_options() to find out what their command actually is.  This is, of
course, another argument for a specific built-in function.



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