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I need some MOO space

I am a graduate student at Arizona State University.  I am designing a research
 that will experiment a cooperative mathematics learning via MOO.  The subjects
 will be ASU students.  So, I need MOO space for 15-20 small groups, 3-4 studen
ts per group.  Each small group discussion should not be disturbed by any other
 MOO user.  I mean, I need to have MOO space for 15-20 small groups where each
group can have their own discussion independently without being interruped by o
ther MOO users.  Please, help me out to find this type of heavenly MOO palce.
Your help will be appreciated all the time.  Thanks.
KwanSik Rho
Home Address:
1050 S. Stanley P-133
Tempe, AZ 85281
Tel.(H) 967-5527
School Address:
Educational Media & Computers
Arizona State University
Box 870111
Tempe, AZ 85287 - 0111
Tel.(O) (602) 965-2126
Fax. (602) 965-7058

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