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BETA-TEST release of LambdaMOO version 1.8.0beta2

I have made another *beta-test* release of version 1.8.0 of the LambdaMOO
server in the usual place:

This is a BETA TEST release of the server.  That means that no more major
feature additions will be made before the production release.  It also means
that we are entering the home stretch of the testing process.  I would
appreciate it if every current MOO server site would consider fetching a copy
of this release and trying it out on a copy of your production database.  The
more adventurous of you might even consider trying a single-day full production
test using this release.  If you do this, though, PLEASE SAVE A COPY OF YOUR
OLD DATABASE; you will almost certainly want to roll back to the old server
release and the old database after the one-day test.  This implies that, if you
do this, you should warn your users that their DB changes on that day will not
be saved.  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to use a DB file written by 1.8.0beta2 and use it
with any pre-1.8.0beta release; it's a one-way street.

Other than the temporary testing suggestion given above, please be aware that
there are almost certainly some more server-crashing, database-losing bugs

Please continue to send your bug reports to the main MOO-Cows mailing list.  As
before, critical bug fixes will either be posted to MOO-Cows-Announce or else
released in later beta releases.

Thanks in advance for your help in testing out this release!


Here's the ChangeLog.txt entry for this release:
Version 1.8.0beta2, 10 February 1996
-- Made the source of standard messages printed on connections dependent on the
   object acting as listener for connection.  Connections received on a
   listening point handled by an object OID print messages taken from
   properties on OID.server_options or, if that does not exist, then from
   $server_options.  Thus, for example, after doing `listen(#987, LP, 1)', a
   connection that arrives on the listening point LP and then is disconnected
   will have the text of #987.server_options.boot_msg printed to it; if #987
   does not have a property named "server_options", then
   $server_options.boot_msg will be used instead, just as before. (Thanks to
   Michael Brundage for persistently reminding me to add this feature.)
-- Fixed bug in clear_property(OID, PNAME) where it could crash the server if
   the object OID defines the property PNAME.  (Thanks to Don Schwarz for
   reporting this.)
-- Fixed bug in floating-point number parsing where literals with exponents but
   no decimal point (e.g., `1E6') were treated as integers.  (Thanks to
   H. Peter Anvin for pointing this out to me.)
-- Slightly liberalized parsing of floating-point numbers not to require any
   digits before the decimal point if there are digits after it.  Thus, `.02'
   is now parsed identically to `0.02'.  (Thanks to Kipp the Kid for suggesting
-- Fixed bug where `kill_task(task_id())' could panic the server.  (Thanks to
   Brian Buchanan for reporting this.)
-- Fixed handling of floating-point exceptions on systems that support the
   SVID3 `matherr()' handler function.  (Thanks to H. Peter Anvin for reminding
    me to do this.)
-- Added built-in function `trunc(X)' which returns the floating-point number
   obtained by truncating the floating-point number X at the decimal point.
   For X < 0.0, this is equivalent to `ceil(X)'; otherwise, it is equivalent to
   `floor(X)'.  (Thanks to HPA again for suggesting this.)

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