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Re: Looking for MOO site administrators

Jay Carlson writes:
> > I would like to collect a list of the administrators of MOO servers
> > with at least 50 regular users (i.e., those who connect at least
> > once or twice a month)...
> I don't think this request will elicit a full response.  Many people,
> including me, are reluctant to respond with this kind of information
> without an overview of what this will be used for.

Jay makes a number of very good points; I apologize for the lack of motivation
given in my request.  I want the list primarily for use as a short-term mailing
list of people using the current LambdaMOO server in a production-like setting.
I would like to get some initial feedback from these folks on my future plans
for server maintenance; since they are the ones most `in the trenches' of
server administration, I expect that they'll represent a certain level of
conservatism about future directions and I'd like to tap more directly into
that community than I can with normal MOO-Cows postings.



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