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Re: #0:handle_uncaught_error()

Pavel asked:
>> The question is, what's the general rule for which object to call when an
>> arbitrary MOO task raises an uncaught error?

Phantom answered:
>I guess the general rule for which object would
>handle it would be which object's connection would be the one to see the
>traceback.  If a timeout traceback would be sent to a connection coming
>#123, then #123 would be the object to handle that traceback.

Um, isn't this exactly 'player' ?
As the player:confunc() call was moved to $user_disconnected(), and there's
no trouble making the latter call the former, why not just code
$handle_task_timeout() to do some relevant perms check, and then pass it on
to player:handle_task_timeout() ?

OTOH, if player is an invalid objnum, it would make sense to call
:handle_task_timeout() on the object through which this in/outbound
connection is passing (which I think was the original issue of this

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