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Re: Please resolve these two passages...

Doug Elias writes:
> In section 1.2.2 (Properties), we read:
>      Symmetrically, the 'w' bit controls whether or not non-owners can
>      add or delete properties and/or verbs on this object.
> A bit farther on, though:
>      Read permission lets non-owners get the value of the property
>      and, of course, write permission lets them set that value.
> i've verified (with a note) that, when "w" is set, a non-owner can
> give the note a new property:
>   @prop note.my_text "this is my text"
> and can remove that property, but can *not* notedit it successfully.

These two passages are talking about *different* `w' bits.  The upper one
refers to the `w' bit on the object itself, while the lower one refers to the
`w' bit on one of that object's properties.  Remember, every object, property,
and verb has its own *separate* set of permissions bits.



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